ABL - vegetables crops

"A.B.L. is a project unifying two approaches with a same goal: develop vegetables production for exportation and for Senegalese market with an innovative organizational reworking based on the use of biotechnological advances."

ABL acts in partnership with Senegalese farmers. Co-founded with BIOINVEST (Belgian cooperation), ROVIC GROUP’s work involved the realization of an important feasibility study which covered all the technical, financial and commercial aspects of a vegetable production including runner beans packaged in a controlled atmosphere. This study lead to the ABL project realization (Agriculture M’BOUR Légumes). AGRICONCEPT SA Company was created by senegalese engineers: they set up the vegetable packaging process under modified atmosphere and acquired a treatment equipment turning fresh vegetables to a long-life conservation. Their company started a long-life needle bean production which was a commercial success. But without sufficient means to ensure the agricultural production, they couldn’t pursue. AGRICONCEPT kept the control of this packaging process along with its delivery network, they are a asset for ABL.

More recently, COFIGEO, a french company specialized in ready-meal production using dried vegetables is looking for the possibility to produce in Senegal in order to fulfill a part of its needs. In this way, and because ABL’s program progressively creates a large place for dried vegetables, she becomes the first shareholder and main purchaser. ABL’s project promoters aspire to create a profitable company, to participate to Senegal agricultural development, to create jobs and to allow a significant wage improvement for associate farmers. The use of techniques in compliance with a sustainable development, the employee and associate peasants’ training and the involvement in various social and humanitarian actions are an integral part of project objectives. This project being now launched, ROVIC GROUP pulls out of ABL’s capital in favor of COFIGEO in order to give its resources to other activities. ROVIC GROUP remains attentive to ABL’s development, seeking beneficial operational and commercial collaborations for ABL as for its other activities. Mr Jean-Claude Sabin, ALB’s administrator will ensure relations between the two companies.


Innovative organization