"We develop local economy with training and assistance: production, transformation and commercialization are the keys to improve the standard of living."

Senegal and Africa heavily depend on basic products (as milk and meat) importations, while it has in its possession space and necessary resources to bridge this gap and resolve this problem. The efforts made are still insufficient and a long-term solution must be set up. This problem reaches all the resources and must be resolved. AGRI-VILLAGE's mission is to develop the local economy. To accomplish this huge task, efforts are made to fostering the autonomy of farmer populations with their regroupment in cooperatives villages, by centralizing slaughterhouses, transforming and dairy installations. We offer arable lands optimisation for cereal, subsistence, fodder or market gardening crops.
By regrouping, training and supporting the populations, we centralize efforts to a unique purpose: the intrinsic improvement of the local life level and the senegalese economy.

This project will begin with two or three entities. Tests will be meant to prove the feasibility in these villages to create a dynamic. Farmings and breeding products will be commercialized to Senegal of which we perfectly know the raw materials deficit and particularly in proteins… This will aim to implant in these pilot villages several complementary activities: a breeding activity (sheep, milk cattle, meet cattle, broiler meat, layers), an agricultural activity (improvement of feeding conditions for villagers, ensure the basis feeding for breeding animals, the improvement of the financial conditions by direct sales), an artisanal activity (production of the animal foods from agricultural productions, milk transformation into dairy and cheese products, poultry flocks), a training activity for young villagers about all these different jobs. Thanks to our privileged relations with BRETAGNE FILIÈRES, we are capable of answering to all technical demands and to management and supervision needs


Food safety, women and young people employment, rural exodus limitation, increase of the agricultural entrepreneurship, trainings to modern techniques : we are committed on long-term and we support each step of the process.


The villages regroupment around infrastructures is an easy scheme to develop and to make profitable. The Senegalese geography lends itself perfectly to the multiplication of this type of actions, which just enlarges the horizon of possibilities.


Agricultural machinery investment will be only possible by centralizing the efforts. We ensure the training, the support and the commercialization of the whole production, mainly destined to the local market. We act locally, efficiently.