"Senegal opening to international biological markets by rewarding the local economy"

While the organic products consumption increases in Europe, the food animal sector is facing increasing difficulty in supplying organic raw materials (soy and corn) which come, especially for soy, from Latine America. But these origins become increasingly random to answer the traceability requirements. Melting risks are a probability, in an uncontrolled system at every stages of the movement of goods. The bio animal products sector is therefore putting at risk the losing of credit in front of buyers always more exigent. The Senegalese Company ROVIC GROUP, already located in Senegal proposes to bring a solution to this problem. It realized in 2011/2012 a soy test in the M’BOUR region to confirm former tests. Results are positives and create a great interest form French and European buyers eager to purchase a raw material coming from Senegal, produced and controlled according to the rules of biological agriculture.
Farmings turnover becoming a necessity for agronomic reasons and for the respect of good growing techniques, it has been decided to register in the national peanuts seeds program in addition to corn and sesame.

ROVIC GROUP obtained the availability of 6000 Ha of lands for a long duration from the rural community of SYER. These lands, located along the border of GUIERS lake, have a plenty enough water ressources for the project needs. In return, ROVIC GROUP and BIOSOY will build a partnership to develop agricultural and pastoral economy of this area which is mostly a breeding region. The BIOSOY company is currently closing its funding in order to get a foothold on these lands and develops a first 1000 Ha project which will create more than 130 direct jobs. Practiced techniques will correspond to the sustainable, environment respect and inputs and energy economy criteria. The bio soy production, as the bio corn one, will be exported close to european clients according to the concluded contracts. ROVIC GROUP sets itself as for the companies depending of it, a deontological framework divided in 5 chapters: respect of sustainable agriculture principles, respect and application of controls, to dedicate means to the training and encourage the social promotion, to reinvest a part of results to develop concerned regions, to participate or engage social and humanitarian actions in health and hygiene domains and in education and woman promotion.

An well-suited culture

Soy offers an economic farming in terms of water and inputs that enrich the ground to favorise the turnover farming development.

Quality and traceability

The respect and control of biological measures allow a certified quality and traceability by the ECOCERT label. ECOCERT.

Guaranteed outlets

Our partner network guarantees stocks liquidation to Senegal or by exportation.

ABL: our other launched project.